May 21, 2010 Puppies are born. Pics D-Litter  HERE

Sweet Loving Heart Alive With me Kimberly Seruilia Soul Mate
HD: A2 / B1 ~ ED: frei / frei ~ Augen frei: Jan 2010
Breed Value: Excellent, WT, BHP A
2 x CAC, 5 x Res. CAC
HD: A2/A2 ~ ED: frei/frei ~ Augen frei: Jan 2010
Breed Value: Excellent, WT, BHP A+B
Ortenau-Winner 2010
3 x CAC, 1 CACIB

Pedigree of the puppies

Seruilia Soul Mate
Gatchells Lone Ranger Eng. Sh. Ch. Marjamez Midnight Cowboy at Westervane
Swed. Sh. Ch. Dewmist Serenella
Seruilia Sister Act
Lovehayne Quentin
Seruilia Step in Time
Sweet Loving Heart Alive With Me IntCh Trailer Cheek To CheekSome Like It Hot Delindas Chateau De Coutet
IntChSiatham Roxelana
Ashbury Seed Of Love Int. Ch. Fr Ch. VDH Ch Ger Ch, Lux Ch, Sw Ch
Paudell Pure Passion
Ashbury Last Seduction

21. Mai 2010: Our D-Litter is born: 6 dogs and 4 girls. Unfortunately 1 dog and 1 girl didn’t  make it.
Resumee of the last night

23:47 (20.05.2010) Bitch pink: 483 Gr.
00:56 Dog brown: 470 Gr.
01:15 Dog white: 404 Gr.
01:30   Bitch: 400 Gr./Dead
02:00 Dog yellow: 370 Gr.
02:26 Bitch purple: 415 Gr.
02:50  Dog  blue: 470 Gr.
03:35 Dog orange: 460 Gr.
04:35 Hündin hellgrün: 435 Gr.
07:20 Dog: 365 Gr./dead

First pics of the Dees:
Few hours old

no images were found

Miss Pink 10 Minuten alt

Miss Pink 10 minutes old


no images were found

Day59:   104 cm, weight: < 42kg. Days left:4


May 16,2010 Kimberly Day 56, almost bursting: 99 cm, weight 40 kg, Time left: 7 days

May 12:

Kimberly Day 51:  91cm, weight: 38,5 kg, time left: 11 days
May 09, 2010

Kimberly Day 48 : 89cm, weight: 37 kg, time left: 14 days

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