Smint de Atapasuenos ~ Mojo show

Open Class

Some reports about Mojo:
Beautiful dog from any argue, most attractive head, beautiful expression, excellent neck, sound construction, lovely bone & feet, excellent body, perfect top-line & tail-set, super back-end, lovely coat, perfectly shown & handled, has a lot of showmanship and attitude, I really liked him. EX 1 CAC Open Class (with just 20 month) Judge H. Fryckstrand, SE

10 Monate, wunderschöner Kopf, sehr schöner Ausdruck, dunkles Pigment dunkle Augen, starker maskuliner Hals, vorzügliche Vorderhandwinkelung, starke Knochen,  gute Front, tiefe Brust, schöne Oberlinie, gute Hinterhandwinkelung, gute Balance in der Bewegung, gute Rutenhaltung, gutes Temperament, gut präsentiert. Vorzüglich 1 JCAC Judge: Natasa Davidovic

 Lovely young balanced dog with masculine head, dark eye and pigmentation, reachy neck from well placed shoulders, well bent stiffles, level topline friendly showy temperament, lovely light gold double coat, well handled and presented EX 1 JCAC, BOB (with just 11 month) Judge: R. Scholles 

Open Class

20.09.2014 Spez. Zuchtschau Winnenden A. Richardson, UK Excellent
04.05.2014 Mittelfrankenschau
Markt Bibart
G. Hennessey, UK Excellent 4
25.01.2014 Spz. Zuchtschau Herrnberg Mrs. Ann Hagger, UK Excellent
10.11.2013 National Dog Show
Dr. L. Miklos, HU Excellent (last 5)
09.11.2013 International Dog Show Karlsruhe  Mrs. M. Melchio, LU Very good due to a lesion
14.09.2013 spez. Zuchtschau Winnenden  Mr. M. Spratt, UK Excellent
27.06.2013 Spez. Zuchtschau Aichach  Mr H. Fryckstrand, SE Excellent 1 CAC Anw. Dtsch CH 
09.06.2013 DRC Jubiläumsschau Bug Hardenberg Mrs. J. Ryder, UK Excellent shortlist

Intermediate Class

March 31, 2013 CACIB München Mr. Deutscher, A Excellent 3
January 26, 2013 Spez. Zuchtschau Herrenberg Mrs. Garget, UK Excellent
January 12,.2013

CACIB Nürnberg

Mr.  Eberhardt, D Excellent 3

Junior Class

Nov. 24, 2012 DRC Clubshow 2012 MRS. S.Youckovic Excellent 1 .JCAC
Nov. 10. 2012 CACIB Karlsruhe Mrs. Birgit Roed Excellent 1, JCAC Baden Württemberg Jugendsieger
Sept. 15. 2012 Spez. Zuchtschau Winnenden Mrs. I. Pinfield, GB Excellent 1, JCAC
Sept 8. 2012 Rassehundeaussstellung Lich Mr. R. Scholles, GB Excellent 1, JCAC Best of breed
Aug 4, 2012 Spez. Zuchtschau Höchstadt Mrs. N. Davidovic, SRB EXcellent 1, JCAC
Puppy Class
June 23, 2012 Spez. Zuchtschau Aichach Kai Falk Andeason, DK Very promissing 1
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