Pics C-Litter

Standing 52 Tage

Ausflug am 08.11.2008

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Standing 37 days

Welpen 3. – 4. Wochen alt

3-4w-jpg 3-4w1
3-4w1-jpg 3-4w2
3-4w2-jpg 3-4w11-jpg
3-4w6-jpg 3-4w7-jpg
3-4w8-jpg 3-4w9-jpg
3-4w12-jpg 3-4w13-jpg
3-4w14-jpg 3-4w15-jpg
3-4w16-jpg 3-4w18-jpg
3-4w20-jpg 3-4w19_640x426

Welpen 3 Wochen alt

3weeks5_573x480 3weeks1_586x480
3weeks2_640x426 3weeks3_640x426
3weeks4_640x456 3weeks6_640x456

Welpen 14 Tage alt

ccc1813khaki-jpg Rüde khaki ccc1318blue-jpg Rüde blau
ccc1218braun-jpg Rüde braun ccc1218gelb-jpg Rüde gelb
ccc1318orange-pg Hündin orange ccc1318lemon-jpg Hündin lemon
ccc1318purple-jpg Hündin purple ccc1318pink-jpg Hündin pink
ccc1812-3-jpg ccc1312-1-jpg
ccc1812-5 Papa Mitch ccc1812-4-jpg
Oma Kimberly


Welpen 7 Tage alt

cc6-4_640x456 [SinglePic not found]
cc6-7_572x480 cc6-1_575x480
cc6-2_640x426 cc6-5_640x426

Welpen 4 Tage alt

cc4days5 cc4days2
cc4days cc4days7-jpg
cc4days6 cc4days1

Welpen 1 Tag alt

prissetag1_640x425 prissitag1-13_556x480
prissitag1-15_640x426 prissitag1-7_640x425

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